My topic is diversity


I could never commit myself to one painting style. I always wanted to go new ways. Mutability and multifacetedness inspire the imagination and create undreamt-of possibilities. The diversity in everyday life determines our zeitgeist.


My signature is the implied ambiguity towards the abstract paired with emotional reference.


I let myself be stimulated by what I encounter, what I see, think and feel. Thoughts about form or content are just an occasion to get back into flow.

It is a big difference to paint for an audience and the market or just for myself. A certain style of painting, which may sell well, quickly becomes repetitive for me. I get bored with that. As soon as I master one thing I want to discover something new, to be able to experience it. Our world today is more diverse than ever before. I make new experiences with every new painting. At the same time, the painting process always goes through the same principles. It is a unique experience to set the first stroke, the first color area. The next stroke relates to that. At the same time, I spot the whole picture, as in wide-angle mode. Hopefully it goes well for some time, until there comes a point where nothing seems to move on. The picture has a good harmony and yet it demands more.

Now it is time to weigh up the next steps. What else do you need? What is perhaps too much? In addition, there is the emotionality of the intention. What is it about for me?

In this stage pictures must be let alone for a while, until they ask me again to take the next step. At some point it becomes clear: it is finished.

When I draw on creativity I am no longer aware of my identity. It is not me painting but "It".

Sometimes I think I know exactly what I want to do. However, it quickly becomes apparent that nothing new emerges. The creative process of art has become decoration. Creative art is a learning process, not a description of how something works.

Too often, we only like the images that relate to what is known and familiar. If something is irritating or does not correspond to our visual habits we can however try to engage with it. Perhaps we will discover beauty beyond judgement.

All of today´s artists paint contemporary, because there is no other way. They originate from this time. Not until the future will it become evident whether their way of painting can withstand. In that case, their artwork would have become timeless and would retain its validity. Therefore, it is important to recognize old visual habits as such and to get involved in new approaches. This is what I seek every day in my studio.

The unrestricted access to the omnipresent creativity that always gives birth to the new.