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As an artist I am often asked what kind of pictures I paint. Superficially, this question is aimed at the artistic direction such as expressionism, abstract painting or color painting. I am also moved by something quite different in this question. For example, "What do you want to express with your paintings?" or "What inspires you to create a painting?". These questions are more concrete and personal. Ultimately, it's about what constitutes my being as an artist.

My art is a personal transformation of all possible contents of the art space to an individual expression, to an individual assertion.

The confrontation that leads to my paintings always deals with the essence of life. Life in its everyday diversity occupies me with all its facets.


I let myself be stimulated by what I encounter, what I see, think and feel. Thoughts of form or content are the occasion for the beginning on canvas or paper. To set the first field of color is a unique act. The next step refers to this. Soon it is necessary to weigh: What else is needed? What is perhaps already too much? In addition, there is the emotionality of the intention. What is it all about? Emotions and images that touch me are flowing into the lively abstractions of figures, portraits or landscapes. I have developed a special love for abstract drawing. With gestural dynamic strokes in graphite, watercolor and acrylic or oil exciting visual worlds develop.

When I draw from creativity I am often briefly no longer aware of my identity. Not I paint but "it" paints. A flow arises, from which once emerged, I can not say how it came to the creation.


Too often we only like the images that relate to the known and familiar. If something is different or does not correspond to our visual habits, we can still be surprised. Then we discover beauty beyond judgement. All painters of today paint contemporary, because there is no other way. They originate from this time. Only the future will show whether their way of painting can endure. Then their painting would have become timeless and would retain validity. 

Therefore, it is important to recognize old visual habits as such and to get involved in new things. This is what I seek every day in my studio - the unrestricted access to the all-encompassing creativity that always gives birth to the new. 


After studying painting and drawing with Prof. Markus Lüpertz at the AdbK in Kolbermoor, the visual arts are more than ever the center of my life.

My paintings have found national and international buyers. 

Online I am represented through the galleries Saatchiart and Singulart. 

By appointment, studio visits and private sales are possible.

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